Biden Speaks on Afghanistan for First Time Since Taliban Takeover

Biden Speaks on Afghanistan for First Time Since Taliban Takeover

( – As Afghanistan continued to destabilize on Aug 16, President Joe Biden took to the podium to share his opinion of the situation with the world. Many listeners expected him to share insight on the issue, or perhaps admit it was a mistake to withdraw from the zone so suddenly. Yet, Biden seemed to avoid more tough questions than he answered.

In his speech, the President stood firmly behind his decision to bring troops home. He feels any US military presence will only harm the country’s stability at the current point in time.

In a move many of his detractors expected, the commander-in-chief didn’t explain the intensifying struggles to evacuate US allies from the zone. However, he did admit the situation unfolded far faster than either the military or local forces could anticipate.

Biden also blames Afghanistan’s political leaders for giving up and fleeing the country. He says American troops shouldn’t be fighting, or dying, in a war their people won’t fight themselves.

The president did issue a warning to the Taliban: if they injure or attack any US personnel during the evacuation, the military will respond with “devastating force.” Yet, this hardline stance seemed all but invisible earlier in the afternoon, when seven civilians died after falling from a plane attempting to force its way out of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport.

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