Democrats Plan For Immigrants To Take American Jobs

Democrats Plan For Immigrants To Take American Jobs

( – America is experiencing a labor shortage. Left-leaning leaders claim there are simply too many jobs for Americans to fill; they suggest hiring immigrants to fill employment needs around the country. But where does that leave unemployed citizens?

Chief Economist at Natixis, Joseph Lavorgna, believes that lack of immigration only worsens struggles to fill jobs on US soil. America is witnessing higher degrees of migration than it has in decades, all while suffering from increasing labor shortages.

Many of the shortages are a result of Americans not wanting to go back to work for several reasons: lack of childcare, early retirement, or in some cases, simply not wanting to work menial jobs. Others fear COVID transmission.

That situation creates a problem: America must fill certain jobs in order to effectively manage supply chain stressors. Immigrants are more than happy to take entry-level or labor jobs US citizens simply don’t want. Multiple industries, and in fact, the economy itself, stand to benefit from hiring more people. But is giving away jobs really the answer?

There are pros and cons to allowing migrants to fill these positions. One major upside is that it may help industries restore the supply chain and the economy may finally stabilize after the COVID-19 pandemic. Immigrants also often fill childcare positions, making it easier for everyday Americans that lack child care to enter the workforce.

The core downside is simple: Any job given away to an outsider is one less position an American citizen could hold. The US needs to get back on track — this may be the incentive that American workers need to jump-start that process.

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