European Nation Throws Pfizer Out Of Country — Here’s Why

European Nation Throws Pfizer Out Of Country -- Here's Why

( – Countries often have a say in what businesses they allow within their borders. In Europe, many of the countries are part of the European Union (EU) and therefore answer to the European Commission (EC). One country has decided to go against the EC and kick Pfizer, one of the largest COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, out — and with good reason. Poland will no longer be accepting coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer.

Reuters reported that Adam Niedzielski, Poland’s health minister, asserted the country would longer be accepting or paying for COVID-19 vaccines. The only problem is, the EU is in charge of the supply contract, which means there will be a legal battle over the matter. Pfizer serves as the largest supplier of vaccines to Poland. Despite the country receiving fewer vaccines than other European countries, it has built up a surplus, prompting it to donate or sell doses to other countries.

The legal battle comes as a result of the EC’s contract with vaccine manufacturers, meaning Poland doesn’t have the authority to refuse the vaccine shipments without legal repercussions. The current contract is paying Pfizer $2 billion for 2022 with a total of $6 billion by the end of next year.

If the country says it has too many doses, why not just redistribute the vaccine to other countries until Poland says it needs them again? Or is it about money and not about helping people?

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