Joe Biden Says Polls Don’t Mean Anything to Him

Joe Biden Says Polls Don't Mean Anything to Him

( – President Biden doesn’t seem to let much get to him, not even his failing numbers. The polls mean nothing to the president, or so he says, but does he actually understand what the numbers indicate?

While at the G20 Summit in Italy, President Biden claims other world leaders sought him out. Zeke Miller, a reporter for the Associated Press (AP), described the difficulties Biden and other Democrats are facing in the United States, ultimately asking the president why the world should believe America’s back and here to stay.

President Biden asserted that the way people reacted at the G20 Summit and the support he received is evidence of America’s upswing, claiming that the United States is a critical component of the climate change agenda. The president then went on to discuss poll numbers, indicating that there are going to be fluctuations in the numbers.

Biden commented, after admitting that his current numbers are low, that dips happen during every presidency. The president then insisted that the polls aren’t why he’s running. NBC News puts Biden’s approval rating at 42%, down from the 53% in April. Similarly, RealClearPolitics also has Biden’s approval rating at 42%, down from 50% in August.

While Biden seemingly shrugged the numbers off, they tell a story of his presidency. American voters are becoming more and more unhappy with the official’s performance as President of the United States. He fails to see that his own policies, namely on the Afghanistan withdrawal, handling of COVID-19, inflation and the crisis at the southern border, are the real cause behind his dwindling numbers.

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