Joe Biden’s Private Text Messages With Hunter Revealed

Joe Biden's Private Text Messages With Hunter Revealed

( – On February 24, 2019, Joe Biden and his son Hunter shared an odd text message exchange. The exchange seems to suggest that Hunter Biden is a distressed individual who leads a troubled life. Yet, it’s what he tells his father toward the end of the correspondence that’s catching the most attention.

The message starts in a very typical fashion: Joe Biden tells his son good morning and that he loves and misses him. Hunter then replies back with over 20 messages complaining about virtually every aspect of his life.

The driving factor behind the younger Biden’s rant seemed to be a New York Times article penned by Maureen Dowd. In it, Dowd labeled Hunter “troubled,” talked at length about his drug use, and explored his relationships with both his ex-wife Kathleen and his brother’s widow Haillie, now allegedly his lover.

The reporter also warned that Hunter’s behavior would cause his father to lose, should Joe Biden opt to run for the presidency.

Hunter also complained at length about his relationship with his family, accusing his father of contributing to negative press coverage. He feels his father’s PR team made him out to be a failure from the moment they first joined the campaign.

In a message a few hours after the original rant, Hunter proclaims to his father that if he doesn’t run, he’ll have no chance at redemption. Biden replied to that message, indicating that he would run for president — but his son’s recovery would remain tightly in focus.

One runs for President of the United States in hopes of caring for the country and the American people, not to redeem a troubled son. Was it Hunter’s words that convinced Biden to run? Or, did he intend to do so, anyway?

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