Kamala Harris Unveils New “Plan” For Immigration Crisis

Kamala Harris Unveils New

(DailyDig.com) – Since President Biden nominated Vice President Kamala Harris to handle the border crisis, the problem seems to have only gotten worse. The vice president caught flak from the American public and her critics for not visiting the border for over 100 days after Biden nominated her. Now, almost a year into her term, Harris is finally taking action to stave off the border crisis. Or is she?

The Southern Border Crisis

After the Biden administration took office in January 2021, the United States has seen immigration skyrocket, causing a crisis at the US-Mexico border. Could change for the better finally be on its way?

Currently, the Southern Border is unstable as authorities can’t process incoming migrants fast enough while also dealing with the surge of illegal immigration. Until now, VP Harris has ignored the worsening situation. But is her solution going to be sufficient in stabilizing the border?

What’s the Plan?

Biden’s “border czar” recently announced her new plan to relieve the crisis. While investing in border security seems like the obvious and most needed option, that’s not what Harris plans to do at all. Instead, the VP wants to invest time and money into Central America. Harris touted the collaboration of both the private and public sectors in helping to make Central America great again. The VP asserted that the United States has a responsibility to address the root causes for migration from Central American countries such as Honduras and El Salvador.

In coordination with PepsiCo, PriceSmart and five other companies, the US government looks to invest around $1.2 billion in an effort to get Central American countries to adhere to international standards. Each company will focus and fund different parts of the region ranging from gender equity to infrastructure. All that will take time. We have a border crisis right now, and there’s no new plan to address it.

The Rule of Law

The former Senator from California, Harris, expressed the need to respect the rule of law. The sentiment is a strange turnaround for the woman who supported the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which bailed rioters and looters out of jail during the protests-turned-riots that took place after George Floyd’s death.

The VP stated that her coalition of companies and the US government had discussed the importance of Central American countries’ approach to conform to international norms. Harris believes the move will create positive motivation for respecting the rule of law. Are the Vice President’s comments sincere, or is it all just for show? Time will tell.

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