Putin Has Russia’s Internet Disconnected From Rest of World

Putin Has Russia's Internet Disconnected From Rest of World

(DailyDig.com) – Concerns about censorship from big tech companies are at an all-time high, especially after recent events in Cuba. Truthfully, any form of censorship should worry people who enjoy their freedom, even that which occurs online. The internet helps the world stay in contact with each other. Sadly, it is often far too easily controlled.

The Russian government raised concerns from international rights experts recently after running a test on the country’s network, called Runet. It essentially disconnected itself from the rest of the world, and in fact, the global internet, sometime between June 15 and July 15.


The Russian government adopted a law meant to shield the country from being cut off from foreign infrastructure back in 2019. Called the “sovereign internet” law, it was designed to stop what Russia referred to as “aggressive” attacks from US’s national security experts.

The law also grants Moscow the right to tighten its grip on the global network if it deems doing so necessary to protect the people. While it is stirring fear of government overreach, it is also a significant part of the reason why Russia was able to run such investigations in the first place.

Russia also hoped to determine Runet’s ability to handle blocks, distortions, and other ongoing cybersecurity threats. Initial results show they were a success; the network didn’t experience any problems.

While Russia claims the tests are for the good of its country, it’s hard to deny how a capability like this might be abused by a government who wants to control the narrative. Its existence also means the same concerns could crop up right here, in the United States. Is free speech actually safe when world leaders have so much control over our lives, our ability to communicate, and even the general internet as a whole?

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