Rent, Heat & Gas: Americans Struggle With Highest Inflation in 40 Years

Rent, Heat & Gas: Americans Struggle With Highest Inflation in 40 Years

( – Anyone who’s been out to buy anything recently knows prices are sky-high. Americans already struggling to survive due to the COVID-19 pandemic consequences are being buried by rent, gas, and utilities. It’s safe to say the highest inflation in 40 years is taking its toll on millions.

COVID-19 destroyed the morale of millions, then they got pay raises, giving people some breathing room. Of course, that didn’t last very long as fuel prices hit record highs, utilities became more expensive, and rent skyrocketed, all thanks to inflation. The rate of increase in prices is outpacing the increase in wages, effectively negating them.

Landlords across the nation are increasing the rental costs of properties to help them pay their own expenses. Unfortunately, tenants have to pay the difference or face being homeless. Those struggling with rent before pay raises are struggling once again as not only did the rent go up, but fuel, food costs and utility bills have also escalated.

Americans are fighting for their survival on multiple fronts. At this rate, it won’t take long before many are homeless and hungry. There isn’t much anyone can do; many people are already looking for second or third jobs. Americans can try to conserve as much energy, food, and water as possible to save money. Hopefully, most people will be able to wait the worst out.

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