Ron DeSantis Makes History As COVID Rates Fall In Florida

Ron DeSantis Makes History As COVID Rates Fall In Florida

( – Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has a reputation for going against the grain and handling the COVID-19 pandemic his own way. Democrats criticize the Florida governor for his decisions even though they now seem to be paying off.

The Sunshine State is currently enjoying the lowest COVID-19 case numbers across the lower 48 states. According to a report from Florida Health published on November 19, the total number of new cases dropped by approximately 5% compared to the previous week.

The state experienced around 1,500 cases of COVID-19 per day during the same timeframe. That’s about six positive cases per 100,000 people.

Another report by the New York Times shows that on November 29, the daily average number of cases improved even further, settling in at just over 1,200. Florida’s overall statistics declined by a whopping 17% over the 14 days leading up to that date.

Other Republican states such as Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia closely follow Florida in COVID-19 infection rates. Governor DeSantis attributes the decline in cases to an improved focus on treatment versus mandates and vaccinations.

Notably, several Democrat-run states are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases despite enforcing lockdowns and other extreme restrictions,

Florida and other red states have worked hard to keep their economies open, often shunning mandates in favor of personal freedoms. Yet, they continue to see a decrease in cases. That’s extremely parallel to the absolute chaos the Left predicted earlier in the year.

Has DeSantis once again proven Democrats don’t fully understand how to respond to the pandemic?

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