Unsealed – Documents Detailing Settlement Between Epstein & Accuser To Be Revealed

Unsealed - Documents Detailing Settlement Between Epstein & Accuser To Be Revealed

(DailyDig.com) – The conviction of Epstein’s girlfriend and former associate Ghislaine Maxwell is drawing attention to the disgraced financier and his many business partners. The tycoon had connections to politicians, Hollywood stars, and even England’s Duke of York, Prince Andrew, who Virginia Guiffre says sexually assaulted her on at least three separate occasions under Maxwell’s watch. While he likely expected those accusations to go away, the case is now officially heating up instead.

Prince Andrew immediately asked the court to dismiss Guiffre’s complaints against him shortly after news of the accusations first broke. He continues to deny the validity of her claims, fighting them tooth and nail every step of the way.

The Prince’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, claims that a 2009 agreement between Giuffre and Epstein protects him from liability in lawsuits — including the one Guiffre filed against him in 2021. The court ordered the agreement be made public on Jan 3, 2022.

Giuffre and Epstein’s contract states that she cannot sue anyone that could be a potential defendant in the future. Prince Andrew believes that these documents should protect him from any accountability.

The Duke of York’s attorney also notes that Epstein made this agreement to avoid further legal battles by barring Giuffre from going after potential targets. Brettler suggests the agreement protected lawyer Alan Dershowitz and should do the same for Andrew despite it not featuring either name.

The battle between Epstein victim Giuffre and Prince Andrew continues. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to predict how the situation might unfold in the future, even after the courts publicized their contentious agreement. Just how much will the freshly released agreement expose? More importantly, will it finally prove whether the Duke of York and other named defendants played a role in Epstein’s deplorable crimes?

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