Washington Post “Journalist” Defends Groomers in Schools

Washington Post

(DailyDig.com) – Education for children has always been a concern for the government as well as parents. People want to give America’s children the best and brightest future they can. More recently, the subjects teachers are covering in certain areas are concerning to parents, especially when their first graders are learning about gender identity and sexual orientation. Shockingly enough, there are actually people defending such actions, like a journalist working for the Washington Post.

Aaron Blake recently used his position at the Washington Post to write an op-ed regarding schools and their sexual-themed teachings. Blake tried his best to defend the actions of schools in New Jersey where teachers have allegedly been talking to students about their genitalia and gender identities.

The journalist claims Republicans and conservative media are exaggerating the situation. He explained it may be true some teachers are talking to students, first graders in this case, about their genitals and how it’s okay to feel like a boy while having girl parts or vice versa, but it’s not what conservatives are making it out to be. Blake goes on to say that New Jersey offers these teaching topics as sample resources, adding it’s not state-mandated as Republicans would have people believe.

So, in essence, what Blake seems to be saying is that it’s okay for schools to teach these ideas to kids because it’s their choice to do so; the state doesn’t force them to. No, it’s still wrong. Yet, for some reason, people like him are defending these actions.

Parents have a right to be upset. These kids don’t even have any idea what these concepts mean, yet schools are okay with forcing such ideologies on the grade school level. There’s no reason for any of it — other than grooming children and influencing them to fit a narrative. It’s downright disgusting.

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