14-Year-Old Boy Succumbs to Football Injury

14-Year-Old Boy Succumbs to Football Injury

(DailyDig.com) – A cerebral injury sustained by an eighth-grader during a football contest on October 11 resulted in his death. Cain Lee sustained an injury during a Southwest Football League contest in the Houston area when he was 14 years old. Lee died on October 30 at Children’s Hospital following an almost three-week coma.

On November 8, a memorial service was conducted at the Friendswood Methodist Church in remembrance of him. In addition to his athletic prowess, the over-6-foot sports sensation also participated in track, basketball, and baseball. His eminent personality and athletic prowess were cherished by his family and friends.

Lee participated in the Professional Baseball Academy, a junior development division based in Alvin, a suburb of Houston. Coach Darrin Forse from the Professional Baseball Academy said he was an altruistic child who was more concerned with the success of others than with his own performance.

According to the boy’s father, he observed a young man donning a cardigan and, despite the fact that he may not be well-versed in all of his children’s attire, informed his son that the student possessed the same type of sweater as he had. His son informed him that the student was destitute and that he had been giving clothing to him from home in order to provide him with appropriate attire for school, so as to prevent him from being humiliated.

Principal Jeremy Brumm of Lutheran South Academy in Houston stated that even his teachers, along with fellow students, considered him a friend. He declared himself to be a true friend to all and the closest friend to many.

Dawn Buckingham, Land Commissioner of Texas, remarked that Lee exhibited qualities of compassion and integrity that transcended his advanced age.

In honor of Lee, each of the subsequent Southwest Football League contests this year will observe a moment of silence. The league expressed their deepest condolences to the family in the wake of this tragic loss.

Lee’s parents, an older sibling, and his brother (a twin) survive him.

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