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Daily Dig is your escape from biased, partisan news. We focus on the facts. You won’t find click-bait, mainstream media bias, or political opinions injected here. You can trust Daily Dig to focus on the story — not the polarization that often accompanies mainstream news articles.

If you’re on the morning commute, taking a break in the middle of your work day, or taking time to relax before bed, Daily Dig promises to provide factual news free of bias. Don’t waste your time wading through the sites riddled with opinion — get your news from Daily Dig.

Digging for Purpose

Daily Dig editors grew tired of having to sift through content with political bias to get to the truth. That’s why we created Daily Dig: a place to find balanced news without the political agenda. If you want to know what’s happening with national legislation or global conflicts, Daily Dig will deliver the information to you in an honest, unbiased way.

While we respect everyone’s rights to their own beliefs, the Daily Dig team works together to ensure our posts are free of political leanings. We get to the meat of the story so you can make your own informed decisions on the news of the day.

Our Editorial Team

Our Daily Dig editorial team is passionate about getting the truth out there. Our writers and editors have committed themselves to unbiased journalism, telling the story with all facts and no spin. Each of our staff members is deeply committed to getting the facts to you, and want to serve as a better example of how news can be shared with the public.

Our editors and writers work together to choose stories that need a fact-based reframing. They appreciate the truth, no spin, and gather information from primary sources to ensure they get the facts right.

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Our editors love to hear from our readers. Do you have a story tip, piece of feedback, or critique you’d like to share? Send us the facts by replying to any newsletter. We are always looking to improve, stick to our mission, and work with our wonderful audience to grow as a reputable source of information — all the facts, none of the political spin.

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