“1923” Actor Cole Brings Plenty, Discovered Dead in Kansas

“1923” Actor Cole Brings Plenty, Discovered Dead in Kansas
Police warning at an accident scene with a badly damaged car

(DailyDig.com) – An actor, Cole Brings Plenty, 27, who was missing since March 31, was found dead on April 5, according to Kansas authorities.

On April 5, a vehicle that was unoccupied caught the attention of deputies from the Johnson County Sheriff’s office just before noon. It was located nearly 43 miles from Kansas City, Kansas. Once the deputies investigated the vehicle and surrounding area, they found Brings Plenty’s body in the woods.

McKenzi Davis, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, stated that they are investigating the scene and will not disclose the cause of death. As they learn more about the situation, more details will be provided.

Brings Plenty became a possible suspect when the Lawrence, Kansas, police responded to a call regarding a woman heard screaming for help in an apartment on March 31. After the suspect fled, the police arrived, but the investigation identified Brings Plenty as a possible suspect. He was shown leaving Lawrence after the occurrence by the traffic cameras, which recorded his Ford Explorer leaving town.

The police in Lawrence, Kansas, stated on April 4 that they were working with Brings Plenty’s family to follow up on leads in order to find him. They had an arrest warrant for the actor but did not share that with the family until charges were formally filed, according to the DA office.

His uncle, Moses Brings Plenty, shared on social media fliers for his missing nephew. He stated in the posts that he doubted that he could have been involved in a domestic violence act and that he would run away from the law.

One of the fliers said that his phone was turned off, which increased concern for him among his family. His uncle asked the police for assistance in finding his nephew.

Brings Plenty performed in “Yellowstone” and the spinoff, “1923.” Moses Brings Plenty also acted in “Yellowstone” and “1923.”

They both used their Lakota heritage in their performances to authenticate their characters as Indigenous people.

His father, Joe Brings Plenty, gave thanks to everyone who helped search for his son.

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