26 Year Old Man Dead After Being Shot by His Hunting Partner

26 Year Old Man Dead After Being Shot by His Hunting Partner

(DailyDig.com) – According to the Department of Natural Resources of Iowa, Seth Egelhoff, 26, of Illinois, died on November 11 after being shot in his face by an individual of his hunting group in Iowa.

The Guthrie County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call immediately after the event, and responding medics attempted to transport Egelhoff to a place in the woods that was clear of trees, where the rescue helicopter was able to pick him up and take him to a hospital, according to a statement from the department. However, Egelhoff died while being transported to the clearing.

Egelhoff was shooting waterfowl with a group of friends in the Bay Branch Wildlife Area, approximately 40 miles from Des Moines, when he was gravely hurt by a gunshot about 1 p.m.

The State Patrol of Iowa and the Sheriff’s Office of Guthrie County are investigating the incident, which looked to be an accident, according to Jeremy King, a conservation officer. He said they had uncovered no indication of any malevolent or criminal intent by any individual in the hunting group.

According to King, the gang had been acquainted with each other throughout high school and were merely on a men’s hunting trip.

Egelhoff’s loved ones praised him as a cherished brother, son, uncle, grandchild, and friend to many on a GoFundMe page set up for burial and travel costs. The campaign, which had generated more than $40,000 as of November 14, said that people often inquire how they can assist and that everyone feels useless since they can’t take away people’s agony. They may, however, assist in keeping the family’s emphasis on each other rather than the financial burden during their period of grief.

In response to questions about how hunters may keep themselves safe, King said that safety is the most important aspect of hunting. The most essential thing is that hunters be vigilant about understanding what’s behind the target, understanding their gun safety, having a hunting strategy, and following through on those plans to the letter.

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