29 Rescued after Dog Fighting Ring is Shut Down

29 Rescued after Dog Fighting Ring is Shut Down

(DailyDig.com) – News sources indicate that on December 2, a residence in Como, Mississippi, was raided by police, who rescued 29 canines from an illegal dog fighting operation.

A number of individuals fled the scene, leading to the seizure of thirteen automobiles, according to the Panola County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO). The owners of the confiscated cars were reportedly involved in the illegal dog fighting.

Reportedly, the incident started when the PSCO answered a 911 call about a dog fight that was taking place at the property. When officials were seen, the mob dispersed, according to the PSCO. As they sped off, most of the vehicles were from other counties or states. Deputies confiscated dog fighting materials and rescued 29 dogs.

Damien Jay Smoot, 37 years old, was named as the owner of the house by the authorities. A criminal accusation of operating a dog-fighting business, which is a felony, has been filed against him after his arrest.

The canines’ condition was characterized by PCSO sheriff Shane Phelps as awful. Despite the dogs’ varying degrees of health, they were all noticeably underweight when the rescue crew arrived. Scars from past conflicts were also visible on many of them. Phelps said that people who have done this to dogs “need to be in jail.”

One of the most horrific types of animal cruelty is dogfighting. It’s a sport in which aggressively bred dogs are coerced into fighting for the amusement and profit of the event’s organizers and attendees. According to the 2019 Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT), it is a felony crime in all states.

Since no animal shelter is conveniently located nearby, the PCSO is now sheltering all the rescued canines on the premises. To make sure the dogs get the greatest care possible, authorities have said that they are in contact with the appropriate parties.

The case’s investigations have not concluded yet. The sheriff’s office is now anticipating further arrests related to the dogfighting operation in Mississippi.

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