50 Injured After Boeing Plane Takes a Dive

50 Injured After Boeing Plane Takes a Dive

(DailyDig.com) – On March 11, LATAM Airlines experienced a sudden nosedive that caused unbuckled passengers to make violent contact with the ceiling, then fall back down to their seats. Approximately 50 passengers sustained injuries.

The flight from Sydney, Australia, LA800, was nearly an hour out from Auckland, New Zealand, their destination, when the incident happened. Emergency crews met the Boeing jet 787-9 Dreamliner upon its arrival in Auckland.

Dispatchers sent over a dozen ambulances to meet the flight. The ambulance service sent twelve people to the hospital for further treatment, according to their report.

After the passengers were processed by the medical staff for treatment, they were met by the news media. One passenger, Brian Jokat, told the news outlet that he was wearing his seat belt, but the passenger next to him was not. When the jet dropped suddenly, he woke from his nap to see the passenger with his back on the ceiling. When he fell back down, his head came into contact with the armrest.

Jokat said that he talked with the pilot later and was told that he was shocked when the gauges in the cockpit went blank, and he couldn’t control the plane.

One passenger spoke of people flying up and down in the cabin, while another passenger said that the passengers who hit the ceiling left blood where they made contact.

The accident investigators from New Zealand began gathering evidence, including the flight recorder, to search for the cause of the sudden plunge. LATAM and Boeing both stated they would work with authorities during the investigation.

LATAM Airlines, based in Chile, released a statement confirming the flight’s technical issue that resulted in a “strong movement.” They expressed regret for any injury or inconvenience to their passengers. The spokesperson stated that they are committed to the safety of their passengers.

According to news reports, the airline gave the passengers accommodations overnight and scheduled a replacement aircraft for the flight to the next connection in Santiago, Chile.

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