7 Children Involved in Mass Shooting at US Mall

7 Children Involved in Mass Shooting at US Mall

(DailyDig.com) – On the evening of March 30, gunfire erupted outside a downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, mall, with seven young victims receiving injuries, according to authorities from law enforcement.

Metropolitan police officers from Indianapolis were on a routine patrol when the gunfire began about 11:30 p.m. When they arrived, the location of the violence was close to the Circle Center Mall. All the shooting victims were between the ages of 12 and 17, according to reports.

When the medical emergency services arrived on the scene, they transported six of the injured children to hospitals, according to news reports. The seventh injured person went to the hospital by themselves. One child is suffering from critical wounds, but the rest of them are in stable condition.

The Metropolitan Police deputy, Tanya Terry, stated that the incident was profoundly disturbing. She was concerned that the youth of today seem to resolve their disputes by using weapons. Her officers have stated that they have observed that when the mall closes, young people seem to continue to congregate in the downtown location for hours.

Terry claimed that parents must know where their children are in the evenings. She referred to the announcement from years ago that was broadcast as a public service for parents to know where their children are by 10 p.m. Parents must be involved in their children’s activities, especially in the late hours of the day, according to Terry.

There have yet to be any arrests of people connected with the firearm incident. Law enforcement will not release any information pertaining to any suspects they are investigating. Police sources have confirmed that department detectives are investigating the assault at this time.

In this troubled time in the United States, Indianapolis has seen three, including this one on March 30, shooting occurrences in the last three weekends, as reported by the news media. The weekend of March 23 saw the murder of five individuals, including a police officer. The news media reported the murder of one individual and the wounding of five others on March 16.

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