A Landslide in China Leaves 34 Dead, at Least 10 Missing

A Landslide in China Leaves 34 Dead, at Least 10 Missing
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(DailyDig.com) – By January 24, 34 people had died in a landslide that occurred in Zhenxiong County, Yunnan Province, in southwestern China.

Eighteen houses and numerous people were buried in the mountain community of Liangshui when a landslide struck shortly prior to dawn on January 22. Rescue efforts were under progress at President Xi Jinping’s directive.

On January 23, government-owned news outlets stated that over a thousand rescue personnel, accompanied by dogs and drones, were sifting through piles of debris in subzero conditions in an effort to locate the ten individuals who remained missing.

According to Yunnan authorities, who cited early inquiry findings, the landslide occurred on January 23 as a result of the detachment of an abrupt cliff near the mountain peak. The mass was around 100 meters broad and 60 meters high.

Officials said that the landslide occurred above the settlement; however, they didn’t elaborate on the cause. State media in the area used drones to film the scene of the incident, which revealed a steep slope of black muck spilling over mountain terraces and hamlet rooftops.

To aid those in need, the Chinese government sent out many rescue vehicles, canines, and medical professionals.

The responding government agencies distributed tents, quilts, mattresses with folding beds, garments, and boxes of supplies, as reported by the news agency. As disaster relief materials arrived in the region, responding government agencies resettled around 778 people with friends and family, and evacuated about another thousand people from the area.

In order to prevent more calamities, Xi has ordered a landslide response that includes systems for early warning and enhanced surveillance.

As relief organizations attempt to relocate those in danger, Li Qiang, the Chinese Premier, has demanded an assessment of the hidden dangers posed by the geological hazards around the disaster zone.

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Xinjiang province on January 23 in the morning, causing damage to many structures and power lines. At least three people were wounded in the quake.

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