ABC News President Resigns, Replacement Revealed

ABC News President Resigns, Replacement Revealed

( – Kim Godwin, the president of ABC News, owned by Disney, announced on May 5 that she was leaving the network. Much of her three-year term as president was turbulent due to what her employees called divisive leadership. It led to a decrease in morale in the workplace, according to her employees.

In her announcement, she stated that her decision to leave was based on leaving the broadcast news business. She stated that she has done nearly every job in the business, and after much consideration, she realized that it was time for her to prioritize her life and what is important to her and her family.

The press had been criticizing Godwin’s leadership and management style for the past few days prior to her announcement. The comments in the press instigated a response from The National Association of Black Journalists. They expressed concern over the seeming effort to sabotage the first black woman in a leadership role in a worldwide news company.

Godwin experienced some unsettling times during her tenure as president of the newsroom, starting in 2021, which included numerous job losses in major areas. She also presided over the firing of two anchors of “Good Morning America 3” due to a revelation about their romantic relationship.

Some of Godwin’s staff spoke anonymously regarding her leadership over the last three years. They stated that her management style was more hands-off. She never developed any strategy for the newsroom and replaced many employees, even on-air talent, with her personal circle of employees.

Debra O’Connell, a Disney executive for a long time, announced to the staff of ABC News that she would temporarily replace Godwin as president.

Godwin’s leaving ABC News also arose during speculation by observers from other media businesses that Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, had hinted that Disney may be leaving the business of linear television. This appeared to hint at a possible sale of the broadcast news giant, ABC News.

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