Actress Gives Tragic Health Update

Actress Gives Tragic Health Update

( – Shannen Doherty, 52, who played Brenda on “Beverley Hills 90210,” a teenage soap opera, has announced that her breast cancer has progressed to stage 4 in her bones.

She has not finished making art, loving, or living, the actress said, and she is resolute in her decision to continue medical treatment. After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2015, Doherty has been open about her struggles with health for a while.

The cancer cells may have progressed beyond the lymph nodes, despite her 2016 mastectomy. After completing radiation and chemotherapy, she announced her remission in 2017.

After being in remission for a while, Doherty reported in February 2020 that her breast cancer had returned to stage 4. She announced her fatal cancer, which had moved from her chest and on to her brain, in an Instagram video she made earlier this year while undergoing chemotherapy.

In the near future, Doherty will want to take part in clinical studies that test new medicines. She expressed optimism about her recovery and declared that her best was still ahead of her.

The Tennessee-born American actress has a long list of credits, including appearances in “Heathers,” “Little House on the Prairie,” “Our House,” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” among others. She was just involved with the 2019 “Beverly Hills 90210” revival, in which she will reprise her part as Brenda Walsh.

It is often believed that cancer patients are unable to work, move, or eat, according to Doherty, who made this statement in an interview. They declare you’ve had your day and should retire at a young age, but she’s far from done. Not only are we full of life, but our perspective on life is completely unique, she said, and that cancer patients are an optimistic group of individuals that want to make the most of every day and go forward.

In her next podcast, “Let’s Be Clear with Shannen Doherty,” the “Charmed” star will discuss her battle with cancer while reflecting on her life so far. December 6 is when it will debut on iHeartRadio.

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