Al Roker Going To Be a Grandpa

Al Roker Going To Be a Grandpa

( – For the 68-year-old weatherman, it was reported that he would become a grandpa thanks to his oldest daughter. Courtney announced her pregnancy with a video that played an “Always Be My Baby” remix by Mariah Carey that was used as the music.

Her father’s joy was palpable, as seen by the remark he left on his daughter’s post: “Here we go!” He expressed his extreme joy at their success. This summer, when the joyful baby is expected, Roker will officially become a grandpa. Soon after, he added a remark where he promoted his grandfather’s favored moniker, Pop-Pop, above grandpa.

A new journey is about to begin, she said in the post’s caption. On March 14, she texted to confirm her news. She spoke about how thrilled they are to expand their family and begin this new phase of their lives. They consider themselves really fortunate and can’t wait for the birth of this tiny miracle.

Courtney has not disclosed how far into her pregnancy she is; however, she has said that she is experiencing no discomfort whatsoever and that both she and the baby are doing well at this time.

She is a recipe creator and chef, and she married her husband, Laga, in 2021.

She documented her first dance with her new spouse as a married couple with images posted on Instagram. They pose with other members of the family in later photographs. Courtney also published a picture of herself and her new spouse, beaming next to one another. That’s her next chapter, as she stated in the post’s description.

Roker said on Instagram that he felt like he was at a fairytale wedding since he was present for his first princess’s big day.

He and his ex-wife, Alice Bell, are the parents of Courtney. Roker and his wife, Deborah Roberts, are the parents of two children: Leila, 24 years old, and Nick, 20 years old.

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