Alec Baldwin Accused of Recklessly Handling Set Weapons

State Cracks Down On Illegal Gun Devices

( – Alec Baldwin is facing yet another trial regarding the shooting death of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer for his movie, “Rust.” It is on the books for a July date, and the prosecutors have been planning to introduce new documents filed by them that may help their prosecution claims, according to the news media.

The new evidence includes a claim that Baldwin, at one time, pointed his gun at a crew member, using it to line him up with the crew member, and fired a blank. In another instance, they allege that Baldwin used his gun to point at crew members while directing them where to stand. According to sources, the actor allegedly fired his gun after the director declared the scene “cut” once the filming was complete.

Baldwin allegedly filmed some other scenes while his finger was on the gun’s trigger, according to additional allegations. According to the new documents, many of these scenes did not involve gun discharge. Therefore, his finger should not have been touching the trigger.

The documents also claim that the actor played with the gun as he was holding it and had been known for displaying aggressive and erratic behavior on the “Rust” set, according to the news media.

The prosecutors claim that the evidence in their possession shows that Baldwin compelled Hanna Guttierez-Reed, the armorer on the set, to quickly reload the guns while he required the crew to work faster than they deemed safe.

On days when he should have been paying attention to training sessions, Baldwin was seen Face Timing and texting with family while Guttierez-Reed was instructing the crew and actors regarding safe gun handling training.

The prosecution also claims that, when filming began after the fatal shooting, Baldwin asserted that he was not required to follow the recommendations for safely handling the guns on the set of “Rust.”

In the new trial in New Mexico scheduled for July, the refiled charge of involuntary manslaughter is one count he will be facing. Baldwin has consistently maintained his innocence against the charges brought against him in court.

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