American Missionaries Murdered In Haiti Gang Violence

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( – On the evening of May 23, Haitian gangs killed a missionary couple from the US and a man from Haiti who was the director of Missions in Haiti.

David (Davy) Lloyd III, 23, whose parents operated the mission; Lloyd’s wife Natalie, 21, whose father is Representative Ben Baker (R-MO); and Jude Montis, 45, were leaving their Port-au-Prince church. In three trucks, men with weapons quickly ambushed them.

In a social media post, the Missions in Haiti organization claimed that they took Lloyd to the mission, tied him up, and beat him. The organization said in a follow-up to the original post that the gang shot all three of the missionaries around 9 p.m. on May 23.

Lloyd called his father after the gang left with their loot, and additional gangs arrived. He said his son heard something going on, and that was the last he heard from him. Later, he learned that the three slain had barricaded themselves in their home following a gang member’s shooting. The gang then attacked the home, killed the three, and set the men on fire. The ambulance personnel confirmed the presence of burnt bodies.

The Haitian Emergency Response Operations (HERO) was involved in assisting with the management of the crime scene and the retrieval of the bodies to the morgue in the hospital. Baker updated his social media post by stating that HERO is working on the paperwork to release the Americans’ bodies and finding an airline willing to transport them home. He again asked for prayers that all would proceed smoothly.

Baker stated in the media that his daughter and her husband truly loved the Haitian people and pursued their vision to serve them in whatever capacity, spiritually and physically, that they could. They had an impact on the people through all the ministries they worked in, both on behalf of the mission and for themselves.

Authorities claim that the investigation is still ongoing and have not yet released any additional details.

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