Apple Begins Paying $500M in Settlement Payments

Apple Begins Paying $500M in Settlement Payments

( – In a lengthy class action legal action, Apple has started paying out on accusations that it intentionally delayed some iPhones in the United States.

The telecom giant has already denied the allegations and claimed they haven’t and never would knowingly do anything to reduce the lifespan of an Apple device or lower the quality of the experience for the user to encourage customers to upgrade.

Apple denied wrongdoing but expressed anxiety about the expense of ongoing litigation. As a result, the company decided to settle the claim in 2020. A portion of the $500 million agreement, roughly $92 for each claim, will go to the complainants.

The US lawsuit began in December 2017, when Apple admitted to a long-held belief among iPhone users that it had intentionally decelerated the performance of some older models. Apple claimed that the performance of batteries degraded with age, so the deceleration increased the lifetime of the phones.

However, in response to consumer outcry, Apple offered a discounted battery replacement after facing accusations of secretly restricting the performance of those iPhones.

The British government is pursuing a similar action that seeks compensation of £1.6 billion. The attempt by Apple to halt a similar class action lawsuit was unsuccessful in November.

Justin Gutmann filed the action in June 2022, representing approximately 24 million users of iPhones. Even though Gutmann was happy to learn that restitutions were being paid in the US, he cautioned that this had no impact on their case.

It doesn’t help their cause, according to Gutmann. Apple has not acknowledged anything. He must persist and pursue the matter within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

He said that Apple is defending itself in the UK lawsuit, and the Court of Appeal will next hear the corporation’s case to decide regardless of whether to dismiss it or not. Later, in 2024 or early 2025, he would want to see it tried.

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