Audiences React to Questionable “Civil War” Release

Audiences React to Questionable "Civil War" Release

( – A new movie, “Civil War,” has been receiving reviews online that are a mixture of praise and negative comments. The director/writer, Alex Garland, provided a look into the possible future of America after a conflict erupted in a dystopian thriller.

The scene depicted in the movie does not declare the combatants, whether political or otherwise. The divisions developed into active warfare, with some states seceding from the US and battles erupting across the nation. The two-state alliance between Texas and California is a further blurring of the current divide in the US, thus keeping the ‘civil war’ only between their ‘Patriots and Rebels’ instead of the current political division.

The movie focuses on Kirsten Dunst’s journalist character, who reports on the travels from New York that she and a group of fellow journalists are attempting to make to see the president at the White House. The movie also features Stephen McKinley Henderson, Nick Offerman, Wagner Moura, Sonoya Mizuno, and Cailee Spaeny.

Scenes of devastation, anguish, and inhuman evil intensify as the movie progresses, illustrating the devastation of such a conflict and the blurring of lines between combatants. What, at the beginning, was thought to be true soon evolved into suspect actions and motives.

Various fan reviews describe the mixture of emotions and stands held by the viewers as they reacted to the movie. One review expressed the positive nature of the movie, not picking a side to declare good or bad. The reviewer respected the moviemaker’s focus on the journalists who attempted to capture the reality of the battles they encountered. Another reviewer agreed with the compliment and added that the journalist’s point of view was quite compelling and led to tension, causing the viewer to be nervous during the story.

A negative reviewer commented regarding the disappointing scripting of the movie. Seemingly childish dialogue during a scary movie created a disparity in viewing of the action. A moviegoer agreed with the dialogue and plot criticism, stating that the viewer had no context for the conflict.

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