Award Winning Actor Dabney Coleman Dies At 92

Award Winning Actor Dabney Coleman Dies At 92

( – Dabney Coleman, a popular actor who won movie and TV awards, died on May 16 at 92. He is best known for his roles in the movies “Tootsie,” “9 to 5,” and “On Golden Pond.”

Coleman’s daughter, Quincy Coleman, released a statement saying that he died in his Santa Monica, California, home. She said that his death was peaceful as he breathed his last. She spoke of his always curious mind, his generous heart, and his passion-filled soul. During his life, he lived as he died, with greatness, understanding, and dignity. His work will continue to show his spirit to all.

He was born in 1932 in Austin, Texas, as one of four siblings. Their mother raised them after their father passed away. Coleman gave an interview in 1984 to explain why he relished playing the role of a lout in many of his TV shows and movies. As he was short until after college, he developed the persona of a brat, being a little aggressive in order to attract the attention of others.

During his college studies at the Virginia Military Institute, he enlisted in the Army following his draft in 1953. After his stint in the Army, he returned to his college education, attending the University of Texas. When he met an actor, he knew that was his calling, and he trained at the NYC Neighborhood Playhouse under the guidance of Sanford Meisner.

His early television roles included “Naked City,” “The Fugitive,” “That Girl,” “The Mod Squad,” and “Bonanza.” Early movie roles included “The Towering Inferno” and “Cinderella Liberty.”

He grew the mustache in 1973 that he wore until his death. Coleman had stated in an interview in 2010 that he resembled Richard Nixon without the mustache, and when he grew it, changes happened. He gained attention in “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” as Merle Jeeter.

His other movies include “9 to 5,” “Tootsie,” “WarGames,” “You’ve Got Mail,” and “Dragnet.”

Coleman’s sister, Beverly; his children, Quincy, Randy, Kelly, and Meghan; and his grandchildren, Kai, Luie, Gabe, and Hale, all survived him.

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