Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Prepare for On Screen Reunion

( – Friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who frequently work together on entertainment projects and founded the 2022 production company Artists Equity, will once again team up on the Netflix movie “RIP.”

Currently, the plot details are unknown, except that it will be a thriller. Also known are the details of production, directing, and financing. Artists Equity will produce and fund the project, while Joe Carnahan will serve as the director. Affleck and Damon are, of course, co-stars, and they will also be producers.

On July 2, Netflix announced its deal on social media by posting a picture of the friends attending an award show together. Netflix has purchased the rights to the movie, as it had previously been pitched to other venues prior to selecting the streaming service for a fall shoot date.

Director Carnahan has many projects under his belt that are known to be thrillers packed with high-speed action, as well as crime-themed movies. Some of his famous directing credits include “The Grey,” “Copshop,” “The A-Team,” “Boss Level,” “Narc,” and “Smokin’ Aces.”

Best buddies Damon and Affleck have shared the spotlight in movies since their first appearance together in “Field of Dreams,” as extras in Kevin Costner’s film about baseball. Other movies as co-stars include “Good Will Hunting,” “Dogma,” “The Last Duel,” and “Air.”

The duo appeared early this year in the “Dunkin’ Super Bowl” commercial. Damon’s deadpan comedy in the ad reportedly stole the show.

The friends conducted an interview in 2021 with the media about their long-standing friendship. Affleck said in the last 25 years of friendship with Damon, there was never a time when it felt like he hadn’t seen him in ages. It’s more like being glad that they have another chance to act together again, and they look forward to their next project.

Damon agreed with his friend when he stated that he never thought they would still be working together, but he views it as a fact that they both made it big, and it’s good to still be at it.

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