Biden Admin Reveals New Restrictions on China

Biden Admin Reveals New Restrictions on China
USA and China trade war concept. Tade war caused by the 2018 US tariffs on steel and aluminium

( – In an effort to halt the communist regime’s advancement of cutting-edge military technology, Biden’s administration is tightening limits on semiconductor shipments to China.

United States companies’ sales of sophisticated chips to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is labeled as a United States foe, would be restricted further under the new laws.

Reports by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) state that exports of sophisticated semiconductor chips or the manufacturing apparatus necessary to produce them would now need to notify the government or a license from additional United States corporations. The BIS is a division of the Commerce Department charged with monitoring national security and developments in high-tech defense systems.

In order to achieve its aim of exceeding the United States and their allies, military capabilities, China is reportedly planning to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to employ supercomputing capabilities and sophisticated computer chips. To keep CCP and other adversarial nations like Russia, North Korea, and Iran from upsetting regional peace and global security, limits are essential.

The new regulations are an effort to prevent further exports of semiconductors to the CCP, which plans to utilize the technology to further the advancement of surveillance systems, hypersonic weapons, and artificial intelligence.

In order to restrict indirect exports to China, United States chip manufacturers will also need export permits for a number of other countries.

There will be those who oppose the new, more restrictive rules. The CCP and its military retain relationships worth billions to major technology companies, including AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. They see China as a crucial expansion market. Some businesses may fight the additional regulation since the new requirements will directly hinder their attempts to devise workarounds for earlier limitations.

The Semiconductor Industry Association, a trade organization for the industry’s largest chip manufacturers, has stated that it is assessing how the new export restrictions may affect its members. They agree that safeguarding national security is essential. However, the success of the United States semiconductor sector is crucial to this end.

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