Biden Administration Considers $18 Billion Arms Deal with Israel

Biden Administration Considers $18 Billion Arms Deal with Israel

( – President Biden’s administration is pondering the possibility of selling military arms to Israel. The transfer package of arms worth eighteen billion dollars includes over 24 F-15 aircraft, as confirmed by five sources on April 2.

Israel requested 25 Boeing aircraft in January 2023. One source said the current possible agreement would make the total number of F-15s nearly fifty.

Yoav Gallant, the Defense Minister of Israel, was involved last week in meetings with Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, and Jake Sullivan, a National Security Advisor, according to another source. An unnamed US official stated that if the agreement was finalized this week, the aircraft couldn’t be delivered until five years after approval.

Biden’s administration has been under criticism, even from their own party, for arming Israel. Critics have demanded that the US limit its sales of military weaponry to Israel as long as it continues to wage war against Hamas within Gaza.

The critics from human rights groups, foreign partners, and Democrats demand that Israel slow down the war in Gaza, which is ruled by Hamas, Israel’s target. They aim to convey to Israel the importance of exercising greater caution in order to prevent the deaths of innocent civilians. The current death toll, as reported by the Gazan Ministry of Health, is upwards of 32,000.

According to Israel, they are looking to increase their air fleet to continue defeating Hamas, but also to forestall any threats from Hezbollah, which has been attacking them recently, and from their long-time foe, Iran.

Representative Michael McCaul, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, approved the sale on January 30 after notifying the necessary congressional offices. The package allows Israel to purchase a total of fifty F-15s, as well as training, support, and maintenance throughout the aircraft’s life. Biden’s administration supports this sale, according to several sources.

The administration has discussed with Israel their plans to go into Rafah to find the remaining Hamas terrorists. According to US officials, they urge Israel to have a plan to protect civilians.

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