Biden Gives Ukraine Permission to Use US Weapons in Russia

Biden Gives Ukraine Permission to Use US Weapons in Russia

( – On May 30, officials from US national security said that President Biden authorized that Ukraine may proceed with constrained attacks on Russia with the weapons made in the US.

Biden’s decision was motivated by pressure from US allies in Europe and his national security officials. The attacks that Ukraine has been authorized to make are limited to targets inside Russia near the border of Kharkiv, a city located in northeastern Ukraine, where Russia has made advances.

Biden recently stated that Ukraine may use US weapons only to counter fire from the Russians in Kharkiv. This will enable Ukraine to strike the forces from Russia who are actively attacking them or planning to attack, according to one of the US officials.

Ukraine can now use US weapons when fighting in the Kharkiv area alone, reversing the previous policy of only using them within Ukraine when fighting Russian troops or drones. Ukraine did not request permission to go beyond that limit, and the official said that the US does not expect to enlarge the area of engagement.

The US has approved the use of anti-aircraft weaponry when a Russian attack occurs from either Russian or Ukrainian airspace. One of the US officials stated that the use of these weapons has been successful, but the limit on engaging aircraft in flight only remains.

Biden’s administration has reiterated that Ukraine may not use US long-range ATACMS missiles to target anything within Russian borders, as they are capable of attacking targets as far as 200 miles away.

Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, claimed that the US has always been willing to change its game plan when conditions change on the battlefield. The administration has the ability to adapt to these changing conditions, as Russia has begun to increase its aggression in Ukraine. He noted that the US is at a point where it needs to adjust the limitations placed on Ukraine.

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