Blinken Announces New $2 Billion Aid to Ukraine

Blinken Announces New $2 Billion Aid to Ukraine

( – On May 15, Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, announced to Ukraine that the US would be sending them two billion dollars to help them improve their industrial base for defense. Blinken was in Ukraine to assure them of US support following Russia’s new surge the previous week.

He told them that the US was working rapidly to provide weapons and ammunition for use on their front with the Russian intrusion into the area around Kharkiv. Blinken said the extra funding comes as they face a critical need to strengthen their capacity to manufacture their own weaponry. He added that with the funds, they will be able to purchase their weaponry needs from many countries.

According to a US official, the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) will primarily come from the already appropriated $61 billion from last month’s foreign aid package. The official clarified that the FMF encompasses the approved $400 million, yet unassigned to a country, that Ukraine will now receive.

Blinken said in his news release when he announced the FMF that the US is continuing to stand with Ukraine by providing the military equipment that they need to succeed in their war with Russia. The rush to provide ammunition and weapons to Ukraine is a partial fulfillment of the agreement between Ukraine and the US to speed the production of data sharing and weapons for their defense.

During Blinken’s two-day visit, he toured a facility that manufactures drones for carrying a small payload as well as drones for surveillance. They briefed him on the need for continuous advancements in drone manufacturing to thwart Russian efforts to sabotage and shoot down their drones. Blinken was also able to participate in a short lesson on flying one of the drones. He commented on how the US was learning about technology from the Ukrainians as the technology evolved rapidly to adapt to the challenges of the Russians.

Blinken assured the Ukrainians that the US is rushing military aid, as President Zelenskyy emphasized the need to protect his people.

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