Bob Graham, Former Florida Governor And Senator, Dies At 87

Bob Graham, Former Florida Governor And Senator, Dies At 87

( – The former Democrat governor of Florida for two terms, Bob Graham, died on April 16 at 87 years old. His governorship lasted from 1979 to 1987, and he then served three terms as a US senator from 1987 to 2005.

His family was with him in his Gainesville, Florida, retirement community. His wife, Adele, told reporters that they loved him very much and took pride in him, not only as their patriarch but as a devoted public servant. He ensured that his constituents received the necessary services.

Graham grew up in a wealthy family in South Florida, with his father having won a seat in the Florida State Senate prior to his birth in 1936. His son followed his father’s interest in politics by studying political science at the University of Florida. While there, he met, and eventually wed, Adele in 1959. He graduated from Harvard’s law school in 1962 and settled in Miami, Florida.

When he was 39 years old, Graham started his political career by winning a seat in the Florida State House, was chairman of the education committee, and co-led the investigation of 9/11. During his time in Congress, he began his well-known habit of writing in a notebook he carried.

In 1978, Graham ran for, and won, the governorship of Florida. According to Steven G. Noll, a history professor who wrote in his book “The Governors of Florida,” he changed his perceived character as a studious, wealthy businessman to a popular regular guy who could relate to the people.

Some of his changes involved working an eight-hour day and bonding with his constituents by working with them in entry-level positions. During his career in politics, he continued his “workdays,” as he called them.

After his two terms as governor, Graham served 18 years as Florida’s US senator. His concern for education caused him to write a book detailing how the youth are uninformed as to the processes of government.

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