Catastrophic Subway Crash Injures Hundreds

Catastrophic Subway Crash Injures Hundreds

( – A clash between two subway trains in Beijing during peak hours has led to a significant number of injuries and disruptions in transportation. According to reports from Chinese state media, 102 individuals suffered broken bones, and more than 500 people were hospitalized in the aftermath of the incident. The collision took place on the Changing subway line as the trains were descending a slope amid intense snowfall.

The collision is thought to be linked to slippery tracks caused by snowstorms. According to reports, the initial train encountered a “signal degradation,” leading to sudden braking. The second train, unable to halt on the icy tracks, collided with the back of the first train. This impact caused the last two carriages of one of the trains to detach, plunging commuters into darkness. Some passengers resorted to breaking windows with emergency hammers to access fresh air.

While 423 people have been discharged from the hospital, 67 individuals remain under treatment, and 25 are being observed. Fortunately, there were no fatalities in the incident. The collision has sparked outrage among Chinese netizens, with some expressing shock at the number of injuries and criticizing the maintenance and inspection practices of Beijing Subway, which operates the city’s subway and rail lines.

Beijing Subway has issued an apology for the incident, vowing to cover the medical expenses of those injured. In response to the extreme weather conditions, the operator has implemented measures such as manual operation of above-ground trains and increased intervals between trains. The affected section of the subway line, comprising three stations, has been closed temporarily.

Snowfall in Beijing has also disrupted road, rail, and air transport. Meteorological authorities have forecasted a significant drop in temperatures across northern China, with temperatures in Beijing potentially falling below -20C over the weekend. As a precaution, some cities have closed schools and suspended train services.

The collision serves as a reminder of the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions on transportation networks. It highlights the importance of proactive maintenance and inspection practices to ensure passenger safety. As the affected subway line remains closed for repairs, commuters should seek alternative transportation options until services are restored.

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