CDC Issues Warning of Dangerous Disease Outbreak

CDC Issues Warning of Dangerous Disease Outbreak

( – According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) health notice dated December 8, there have been three fatalities associated with an outbreak in southern California of the tickborne illness Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF).

Since July, tick bites have caused five instances of RMSF in Southern California. They were all individuals who either resided in Tecate, Mexico, or had just visited the city.

According to the CDC, RMSF is a serious, quickly progressing, and often fatal illness spread by infected tick bites, even though victims may not remember having been bitten.

Reddish brown dog ticks carry the bacterium that causes the fever, Rickettsia rickettsii, according to Dr. Marc Siegel, an NYU Langone Medical professor of medicine.

When screening people suffering from a fever who recently traveled to northern Mexico, health care practitioners are urged by the CDC to take probable RMSF into account. According to the advice, doxycycline, an antibiotic, is the standard therapy for people with this illness, and it should be started as soon as feasible. If left untreated, RMSF progresses quickly and often results in death.

In the first one to four days after infection, mild to moderate fever, gastrointestinal problems, headache, edema around the eyes and hands, rash, discomfort and pain in the muscles, and stomach pain are some of the milder signs of infection. According to the CDC alert, not everyone experiences the spotty rash during the first couple of days, despite the condition being named after it.

Dr. Siegel cautioned that RMSF may be easily overlooked since the signs initially resemble flu-like symptoms and are somewhat general.

However, the CDC reports that after about five days, the disease’s severe symptoms may result in brain enlargement, respiratory compromise, altered mental state, death of body tissue, coma, and multiorgan system damage.

The CDC advises treating canines with an insect repellent registered with the EPA, having people wear long sleeves and long trousers, and having them check for ticks after outdoor activities. Remove any ticks that are found promptly in order to avoid the tick-borne illness.

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