Ceasefire Deal Reached to Halt Israel-Hamas War

Ceasefire Deal Reached to Halt Israel-Hamas War

(DailyDig.com) – The US, Qatar, and Egypt have been working on a proposal for a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel. They attempted to negotiate to free the 133 hostages, both Israeli and American, that Hamas captured in their October 7 attack on Israel, murdering nearly 1,200 Israelis, and capturing over 250 people, according to John Kirby, national security adviser.

Negotiations include increased humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, as well as limiting any danger to non-combatant individuals. The immediate concern is those who live in Rafah and those who fled there from the fighting elsewhere in Gaza.

Basem Naim, the head of international relations, confirmed that Hamas accepted the proposal for a ceasefire from the mediators in Qatar and Egypt. However, the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, released a statement on April 29 that said the proposal, as is, does not meet the requirements that Israel has stated. They will be sending delegates to discuss the negotiations, which must include releasing the hostages.

Until the ceasefire negotiations are complete, the wartime cabinet in Israel voted unanimously to proceed with their military action in Rafah against the Hamas targets. President Biden’s administration warned Netanyahu not to attack Rafah, as Hamas has accepted the ceasefire. According to the administration, the ceasefire is the most productive way to protect over one million individuals in Rafah and seek the release of hostages.

Anthony Blinken, the Secretary of State, visited Israel on May 1 in an attempt to persuade the Israeli government to accept the ceasefire deal to halt additional fighting in Gaza. Outside of Blinken’s hotel, a gathering of Israelis rallied to encourage him to include the hostage release as a major deal-breaker in any negotiations. Many of the Israelis held signs that implored the US to pressure them to release the 133 hostages.

After meeting with Netanyahu and Isaac Herzog, Israel’s President, Blinken stated that the hostage release is the bedrock of any ceasefire. He said that Hamas must agree in order for the cease-fire to happen.

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