Chris Pratt Discusses Fatherly Instinct To Protect Family

Chris Pratt Discusses Fatherly Instinct To Protect Family

( – One reason why films like “Taken” and “The Terminal List” are so successful, according to actor Chris Pratt, is that they tap into a primal need in fathers to shield their loved ones from harm.

Pratt is the father of three. Katherine Schwarzenegger, his wife, and he, have two children, Eloise and Lyla. Pratt and his ex-wife, Anna Faris, are co-parents to their son, Jack.

Pratt claimed that each time a dad thinks about or really faces a situation in which his child is in danger, his mind goes to crazy places. That’s why they can relate so well to such plots. He thinks every father has at least one dark fantasy about how he would retaliate if someone were to harm his children.

He said that he could see himself acting similarly to his character in “The Terminal List,” Navy SEAL James Reece. The character plans to exact his vengeance on those who murdered his loved ones.

Sometimes, Pratt said, he considers how he would handle these situations by visualizing duct tape and the depth of the trunk. That’s how most fathers are, he said. Pratt has spoken with many fathers and believes they all wonder what they would do in similar situations.

He cited the Liam Neeson movie “Taken” from 2008, saying that it was successful because fathers could identify with the protagonist’s desire to shield his daughter from harm.

His film “The Terminal List” was panned by most reviewers but was a smash with audiences. When one critic called it a crazed “revenge fantasy,” the actor responded by agreeing that’s what it was.

In July 2022, director David DiGilio said that despite some reviewers’ attempts to characterize the thriller as political, that was not the show’s intention. He said that the show’s success was due to contributions from both sides.

The most essential thing, he said, was to accurately depict the warrior ideal from every angle. Characters in the film range from those who have experienced the events depicted to others who are just learning about them.

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