Chris Pratt Pays Tribute As ‘Friend And Former Stunt Double’ Passes Away

Chris Pratt Pays Tribute As 'Friend And Former Stunt Double' Passes Away

( – Hollywood actor and producer Chris Pratt offered his sincere condolences and paid tribute to his stunt double, Tony McFarr, who, according to his mother, was found dead in Orlando on May 13.

McFarr, who died at the age of 47, acted as a stunt double to Pratt in numerous high-profile films like Jurassic World and Guardians of The Galaxy.

Pratt shared his condolences on Instagram, stating that he was devastated to hear such tragic news. Pratt recalled that he spent countless hours with McFarr both on and off the set. The two men golfed and partied together, which allowed them to get closer to each other.

The Hollywood mogul called McFarr a thorough professional and gentleman and prayed for his family. He is survived by his sister, parents, and a daughter, who got a special mention in Pratt’s condolence message.

McFarr rose to the limelight in 2015 when he played Pratt’s stunt double for the first time in Jurassic World.

He continued in this role for the 2017 film “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and the 2018 science fiction “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” Not to mention that he also executed stunt work for Pratt in the 2016 drama “Passengers,” which also featured Jennifer Lawrence.

Pratt also appreciated McFarr’s resilience. He noted that the deceased actor took a harsh blow to the head during the title sequence of “Guardians 2”, received several staples, and was back on set immediately to work again, which shows his remarkable spirit.

McFarr’s mother, Donna, was shocked and surprised by the passing of his son as she believed that he was still young and healthy. The Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office of Florida is determining the cause of his death which remains unknown as of now and has already conducted all the necessary tests.

McFarr also played a stunt double for other Hollywood superstars, including Brendan Fraser and Jon Hamm, while working in more than a dozen films in the same capacity.

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