Critics Blame Biden’s Policies for Ongoing Ukraine War

Critics Blame Biden's Policies for Ongoing Ukraine War

( – President Biden has recently put pressure on Israel to agree to an immediate month-long cease-fire in the fight with Hamas. On March 5, Biden stated to the media that the relationship between him and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, was the same as it was during his presidency.

The cease-fire that Biden has been pushing for would allow Hamas to release the 130 hostages they are still holding in Gaza. These hostages are from Hama’s October 7 incursion into Israel, which killed 1,200 Israelis and Americans and kidnapped over 240 individuals.

Donald Trump, the former president of the US, said in a media interview that he believes that Biden is in the process of deserting Israel. An expert on the American-Israeli relationship in the Middle East, Caroline Glick, told the news media that Biden’s current policy will cause Israel to fail in their conflict with Hamas.

Military experts from Israel believe the cease-fire could put a permanent end to their fight to remove Hamas from Gaza. Every cease-fire or slowdown in their fight allows Hamas to replenish their supply of arms and dig in where civilians are cover for the terrorists. The Israeli public has supported Netanyahu’s aim to gain an absolute victory over the terrorist organization Hamas.

Biden’s support of Israel has angered many people in the US. Arab Americans and young people have been protesting Israel’s war with Hamas as they call for the eradication of Israel as occupiers of Palestine, as seen in the coverage on news outlets.

The protesters’ pressure on Biden comes at a time when his polling is declining and swing states in the election are in jeopardy. Protesters are calling for Biden to show support for the Palestinians.

Nimrod Novik, from the Israel Policy Forum, said that Biden’s administration officials increased their verbal frustration with Israel’s conduct as they continued their war with Hamas.

David Wurmser, a former senior adviser, said that administration staffers have been swaying Biden’s opinions because they are pro-Palestine.

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