David Fincher Discuss Challenges Remastering “Seven” in 4K

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(DailyDig.com) – Remastering “Seven for 4K, according to David Fincher, has necessitated certain background changes, something that has been speculated by many people in recent months. The filmmaker revealed the news on June 15 during a conversation with Steven Soderbergh at the Tribeca Film Festival, where he discussed the changes he had to make in remastering “Seven.”

If “Seven” is to be remastered, according to Fincher, it must be shot in 4K using the initial negative. They give it a thorough once-over, and there are a number of issues they find. This is because a large dynamic range allows for the necessary repairs to be made. A little bit of cityscape may be used to add detail to blank windows.

He said that the problems aren’t very obvious, but that on a large screen, the details are missing. Looking at it now, it looks incomplete.

He made it clear that he has a strong aversion to any attempts to alter the nature of the picture. It’s alright to make minor adjustments to rectify problems that have just come to light, but anything severe must be dealt with immediately. He won’t go about confiscating firearms and replacing them with innocuous equipment, as Steven Spielberg did in the 20th anniversary edition of “ET” (a decision Spielberg has since said he regrets). According to him, “ET” was a reflection of the 1980s. No motion picture should be reevaluated in light of the filters through which audiences are now deliberately or involuntarily seeing the world.

Soderbergh defended his fellow filmmaker, Fincher, by saying that he pays a little more attention to detail than the average director. He said that Fincher had a unique perspective.

Remembering how torturous it was to watch Fincher focus on every little detail, he went out of the office and rested in the lobby.

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