Deadly Outbreak Linked to Fruit Recalls

Deadly Outbreak Linked to Fruit Recalls

( – On November 24, health officials warned of a salmonella epidemic in many states that had been associated with sliced fruit items and cantaloupes. Almost 100 cases have been reported.

The CDC reports that cantaloupes have been associated with sickness in Canada also, due to the same strain of Salmonella.

The CDC said the number of cases in 32 states has increased from 43 on November 17 to 99 now. Two fatalities in Minnesota and forty-five hospitalizations have been reported; all of these have consumed the tainted cantaloupe.

Whole and sliced cantaloupes are now part of a continuing recall, and the CDC has said that they are trying to find any additional brands of cantaloupe that might be tainted. Included in the recall currently are:

Whole cantaloupes may have a tag that reads Product of Mexico, 4050, and the names Rudy or Malichita. The brands are Rudy or Malachita/Z-Farms.

Freshness Guaranteed, Vinyard, ALDI, and RaceTrac are some brands of sliced cantaloupe.

Cantaloupes and some other fruit goods were recalled, and consumers were asked to either take them to the store or throw them away. You should wash everything that was touched by the fruit in hot, soapy water.

Salmonella may be deadly in elderly or frail individuals, youngsters, and those with weak immune systems. Vomiting, fever, and abdominal pains are the most common signs of an infection and may begin anytime from six hours to six days after consuming the infected fruit.

In a recent statement, the CDC emphasized the importance of seeking medical attention in the event that one encounters certain symptoms. These include excessive vomiting that makes it difficult to swallow liquids, bloody diarrhea, persistent diarrhea that does not improve after three days, diarrhea along with a fever above 102F, and symptoms of dehydration such as a dry throat and mouth, infrequent or no urination, or dizziness upon standing.

Businesses were strongly encouraged to not serve or sell cantaloupes that were recalled and to disinfect any surfaces that might have been touched by them.

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