Death of Pop Star’s Sister Officially Ruled a Homicide

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( – An autopsy report made public on October 30 showed that model Maleesa Mooney, the Guyanese pop sensation Jourdin Pauline’s sister, was murdered.

On September 12, police found Mooney’s corpse after her mother had called the building management, concerned that her daughter hadn’t been in contact. It was the second occasion that month that LAPD officers visited Mooney’s home to make sure she was okay. When there was no response two days prior, cops who were sent to check on her knocked and departed with no answer.

The second day, the building’s management aided them by providing a key to the door. They found perishable items that should have been kept cold on the counter. The corpse of the 31-year-old was discovered inside her refrigerator, tied and gagged. Drug testing might take months to complete, but the findings are included in the autopsy report.

On September 5, she was seen by security cameras entering the house with a man and woman. The elevator footage from the following day is the final footage of her alive. On September 7, a guy was seen on camera using Mooney’s access key to enter the building’s elevators. He brought trash bags inside the residence with him.

Mooney relocated to the building on Figueroa Street in August. On September 9, she was expected to return to her prior location to gather the remainder of her stuff. Family members worried about her welfare, requesting a check on her welfare the day after she didn’t show up.

Mooney had abrasions, signs of being tied up, and blunt force damage to her neck and head. These injuries imply she was likely engaged in severe physical confrontation before her death, and homicidal violence has been determined to be the reason for her death.

A Los Angeles police investigator has been tasked with the investigation and said that no suspects have been arrested.

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