DeSantis Makes Bold Statement on Climate Change

DeSantis Makes Bold Statement on Climate Change

( – Governor Ron DeSantis disagreed with President Joe Biden’s assertion that climate change is to blame for recent natural disasters, such as Hurricane Idalia’s flooding of the Big Bend region and the splitting of a century-old oak tree outside the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee.

During a September 20 campaign address in Midland, Texas, DeSantis said that the term “climate change” has become more often used in the years after 2018. DeSantis said that only ideology, and not reality, was to blame for the increased usage of the expression, even despite the fact that the World Meteorological Organization claims that climate change’s effects have only become worse over that period.

He stated that ideology, rather than fact, was behind the popular saying. In actuality, people are less vulnerable to climate-related calamities than they have ever been. Over the last century, weather-related catastrophic deaths have dropped by 98%. Access to consistent electricity for power during and after disasters has been the single most important factor in the falling mortality rate.

DeSantis is setting himself up as an outspoken opponent of the movement to cut “greenhouse gas emissions” via the use of electric cars and alternative energy exclusively. He said there is an organized campaign to increase people’s anxiety about climate change and global warming.

According to statements by the World Meteorological Organization, the number of people killed by natural weather-related catastrophes has decreased over the last half-century. Better weather prediction and more robust infrastructure to cope with natural disasters are credited by experts for the decrease.

DeSantis plans to remove references to climate change from foreign policy and national security documents and replace them with energy dominance.

He also said they wouldn’t use power-outage-causing, untested technology. Consistent power is essential in the United States. Windmills are not a reliable source of energy when they’re needed to restore power after a natural catastrophe. Oil and gas are essential to getting the task done.

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