Doctors Without Borders Claims Israel Fired on Hospital

Doctors Without Borders Claims Israel Fired on Hospital

( – On November 11, Doctors Without Borders reported that Israeli soldiers fired on patients and staff leaving the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Another name for Doctors Without Borders is Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Members of the staff have reported seeing patients and visitors fired at as they tried to leave the facility. Dr. Mohammed Obeid, an MSF surgeon, claimed that many staff members are unable to leave the hospital because so many patients need surgery and are unable to move.

The hospital, near the city’s central area, is where the Israeli ground assault on Gaza is said to be taking place. It has been under bombardment for at least one day, despite being the biggest Gazan hospital. MSF said that its medical workers within the hospital treated numerous patients.

According to Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Gazan hospitals have been constantly attacked for the last 24 hours, with outpatient and maternity wards being struck. Multiple fatalities and injuries have been caused by repeated attacks on the largest health facility where MSF workers are still operating.

The children’s hospital, Al-Rantisi, is purportedly encircled by Israeli tanks, and the group claims to have lost touch with one of their surgeons at Al-Quds Hospital.

The Israeli army stated it is involved in continuing action against Hamas in the neighborhood of the hospitals but said they didn’t shoot at the facility. They denied claims that the medical facility was under attack. Israel has reportedly made contact with hospital administration and offered to help with the evacuations.

MSF said that, despite constant assaults and supply difficulties, the hospital remained open.

On November 11, Israeli tanks surrounded many hospitals in Gaza, prompting a mass flight of people, medical personnel, and patients to the south of the strip in search of greater protection. Israel routinely claims that Hamas hides subterranean tunnels and other military equipment in civilian buildings like al-Shifa Hospital.

About 1,200 Israeli civilians were killed when Hamas terrorists launched a surprise assault on border villages early last month, sparking the conflict.

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