Eight Hospitalized After Crash on Movie Set

Eight Hospitalized After Crash on Movie Set

(DailyDig.com) – During the filming of an action scene for the new Eddie Murphy movie “The Pickup,” a high-speed stunt went awry, leading to a crash that the drone above the action captured on camera. On April 20, the crash injured eight crew members and sent them to the hospital.

The movie was filming on location in Atlanta, Georgia, when the mishap occurred. The maneuver, the armored truck making contact with the BMW SUV to stop it, was rehearsed many times. However, the situation abruptly shifted when the two vehicles became entangled and began to roll off the road, resulting in the truck rolling over the SUV.

One crew member was in the SUV, and the remaining seven were all in the armored truck. The video footage revealed that the truck threw two people from its back, leaving them lying amidst the wreckage. One of the other seriously injured people was also in the back but remained inside, according to the police.

The eight injured were transported to two hospitals: three to Austell’s Wellstar Cobb Medical Center and the remaining five to Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital.

One of the severely injured crew members, Marvin Haven, is still in intensive care due to numerous fractures in his skull, back, scapula, and neck, as well as a puncture in his lung. According to a GoFundMe page by his family, he will need reconstructive facial surgery. The family included on the page a request for prayers for his healing.

An Amazon M.G.M. Studios spokesperson released a statement regarding the accident, saying that they are collecting facts on the incident. The statement also claimed that the safety precautions, such as the belt restraints the crew was wearing in the back of the armored vehicle, were in place. The statement concluded with a primary concern for the well-being of those injured in the accident.

Other entities are also investigating the incident, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the IATSE union, representing the members of the crew.

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