Elon Musk Investigated After Supreme Court Order

Elon Musk Investigated After Supreme Court Order

(DailyDig.com) – Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, is under a Brazilian investigation for spreading fake news. According to Justice Alexandre de Moraes, the Brazilian Supreme Court has stated that Musk is conducting a campaign against the public with disinformation.

According to Musk, de Moraes is shutting down free speech in violation of the constitution of Brazil. He claims that the Brazilian court ordered him to block some accounts, which Musk refused to do. In suppressing the speech from these accounts against their constitution and his refusal to block accounts, Musk is facing a possible government shutdown of Twitter. He posted on the social media app that users could avoid the shutdown by using virtual private networks (VPNs).

On April 7, de Moraes wrote that Musk’s interference with Brazilian justice, encouraging the public to disobey court orders by influencing them to commit a crime, and stating that he will not cooperate with Brazil in the future show that he does not respect their authority.

The initial investigation of Musk regarded the allegedly criminal behavior of Twitter cooperating with digital militias, a group of people who spread fake and damaging news, causing the justices of their Supreme Court to face threats. The updated investigation will now include the possibility that Musk was involved with incitement and obstruction, as well as being involved in a criminal organization.

In Brazil, the political right has often represented de Moraes as an advocate of political persecution by crushing free speech.

The defenders of de Moraes claim that his decisions, though anomalous, have always been sound legally. They needed to eliminate fake news from social media and any actions that threatened Brazil’s democracy. They pointed to the uprising of citizens on January 8, 2023, in the Brazilian capital.

Realizing that this would likely end any revenue from Brazil, Musk announced on Twitter on April 6 that he would lift the restrictions on accounts blocked by previous requests. He concluded his post by stating that principles are more important to him than profits.

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