Emily Blunt Hoping for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel With Tom Cruise

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(DailyDig.com) – Emily Blunt would be excited to reunite with Tom Cruise for another “Edge of Tomorrow” installment. While discussing her desire for a sequel on a recent edition of the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, Blunt said that she had already seen a screenplay for a sequel.

She makes a joke about how Cruise should return to the right side so he can once again be fantastic as the hero who is really a coward. Blunt played beside Cruise in the Doug Liman-directed 2014 picture, which had Cruise’s character living the same day repeatedly while battling aliens.

She expressed interest in making it happen on air, telling presenter Josh Horowitz she wasn’t sure when or how it would happen. In addition, she questioned Cruise’s necessity for any more “Mission Impossible” sequels, as she quipped, they seemed to be unending. The actress continued by saying she is eager for an additional installment and that she is ready.

Earlier in the conversation, Blunt discussed the reasons why, despite her many film credits, she does not see herself as a movie star. She stated that she believes the majority of people would choose to identify as an actor or actress rather than a movie star if given the choice.

Blunt swiftly said no when Horowitz asked whether she thought she could be both. The term ‘movie star’ seems too far removed from the work that made them famous in the first place.

The star of “Oppenheimer” continued by saying that, in her opinion, one cannot become a movie star before first being recognized for their acting abilities. A movie star is someone like Julia Roberts. You also can’t discount her tremendous acting skills and her role as the title character in “Pretty Woman.” Perhaps that’s the Hollywood thing, but she thinks of it more as a fusion of both.

Blunt joked that her current co-star, Cillian Murphy, in the new Christopher Nolan picture, which is presently in cinemas, would be somewhat horrified to be labeled a movie star.

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