Famous TV Judge Endorses Candidate in 2024 Election

Famous TV Judge Endorses Candidate in 2024 Election

(DailyDig.com) – Nikki Haley, the Republican contender for president in 2024, has Judge Judy Sheindlin’s (“Judge Judy” and “Judy Justice“) endorsement and reputation. Sheindlin had previously openly backed only one candidate for president.

While introducing Haley, Sheindlin expressed her intention not to criticize the competitors, but she admitted that she was more than capable of doing so.

Haley hailed Sheindlin, whose daily courtroom program propelled her to fame among television’s most renowned women, as a pioneer who is unapologetic about speaking her mind in front of an audience of ardent fans.

Haley’s campaign is emphasizing Sheindlin’s support in the last days of the primary, even as many Republicans are aligning behind Trump.

In the 2020 Democratic primary campaign, Sheindlin stated her support for Michael Bloomberg, adding that she had avoided politics for half a century, save casting a ballot. But things have changed, so she feels ready to come out in support of her candidate.

Before the gathering, Sheindlin gave an interview in which she expressed her belief that the nation was heading in the wrong direction. According to Sheindlin, most people in the nation witnessed this, in her opinion. There was a significant change in US politics. Depending on an individual’s preference for president, people began to act aggressively against one another. She felt compelled to be involved since it was demeaning to society.

Despite not knowing Haley, Sheindlin contacted her last year after Haley’s candidacy inspired her. A little over eight months prior, they met and spent half a day together. To find out whether she was genuine, she wanted to know her more. Sheindlin stated that she was genuine.

She reiterates Haley’s repeated concerns about a possible rematch between Trump and Biden. Much of the journalist class thinks that will be the outcome of the primaries, so when asked what would happen, Sheindlin held her fingers to her nose. Still, she remained mum on the subject of her voting preferences.

In her last remarks, she reiterated that, in her judgment, Haley is genuine.

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