FDA Issues Warning Over Dangerous Eye Drops

(DailyDig.com) – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a recall alert for over two dozen different brands of eye drops sold at several of the country’s most well-known shops.

Twenty-six eye drops of different kinds of over-the-counter products pose a risk of severe eye infection, which might lead to permanent vision loss or total blindness. Consumers must stop utilizing them and throw them away.

The FDA has recommended a recall of goods after discovering unsanitary conditions in the manufacturing plant and adverse bacterial test findings from environmental monitoring of crucial medicine production areas.

These goods are supposed to be sterile. Because medications applied to the eyes circumvent some of the body’s natural defenses, ophthalmic drug products may provide an increased risk of injury to consumers.

The eye drops, offered under the labels Velocity Pharma, CVS Health, Target Up&Up, Rite Aid, Rugby (Cardinal Health), and Leader (Cardinal Health), are claimed to be sterile.

The FDA says it has received no complaints of injuries from using the items; nevertheless, the agency advises consumers to contact their doctor right away if they have any symptoms of any eye infections after using the drops.

Signs of eye infections include a discharge that is clear, green, or yellow; redness; a greater reaction to light; a sensation that something is in the eye; discomfort or pain; or blurred vision.

The goods have been pulled off shelves, and online sales have been discontinued at Rite Aid, CVS, and Target. Products under the Velocity, Rugby, and Leader’s brands may still be available in select locations and/or for sale online.

The FDA issued a recall earlier this year for many brands of eye drops owing to contamination by microbes. The CDC said that some patients who used eye drops tainted with a drug-resistant bacterium lost their eyesight, which led to the more extreme measure of surgical removal of the eyes and, regrettably, several fatalities.

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