FDA Warning Says Lead Contamination May Have Been Intentional

FDA Warning Says Lead Contamination May Have Been Intentional

(DailyDig.com) – The lead poisoning in the recalled cinnamon applesauce pouches, which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned about on December 15, may have poisoned at least 65 children.

The FDA found very high lead levels in the cinnamon used in the recalled items, ranging from 2,270 to 5,510 parts per million (ppm). For context, the FDA highlighted that Codex, the global standard-setting organization, now considers 2.5 ppm as the upper limit for lead contained in bark spices, including cinnamon.

From October onward, the lead contamination in Florida-based food maker WanaBana’s cinnamon-flavored applesauce products has been under investigation by the FDA. They have singled out cinnamon as the prime suspect.

According to an FDA spokesperson, one of their current hypotheses is that the contaminated cinnamon was due to food fraud or economically driven adulteration. One way this can occur is by secretly introducing a less expensive substance to a product in order to improve or increase its bulk. The FDA states that spices can be colored using dyes that are lead-based, as one example.

The FDA can only affirm that this is one of the ideas at this time, according to the representative, since this is a continuing inquiry. They will keep the public informed as the inquiry progresses, and more research is required before any conclusions are reached.

WanaBana recalled three items they manufacture. These products include apple sauce with cinnamon from Weis, apple sauce in a bag from Schnucks, and fruit purée with apple cinnamon from WanaBana.

Last week, the EPA reportedly did an inspection on-site of the Ecuadorian factory that produced the applesauce pouches. The cinnamon, supplied by Negasmart, had lead levels higher than those permitted in the nation, according to the FDA and also according to an independent study carried out by the Ecuadorian authorities.

As it continues to examine the incidents, the FDA has issued a warning to parents not to purchase or use the recalled goods.

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